Pea Protein Isolate Taste Fix

If you've tried it, you will know how bad this can taste.

With the vast array of protein powder flavours available, we are spoilt for choice if choosing to supplement our diets to make up the macros. Things can still be hit and miss, and more often than not, the promises made on the packet don't match the reality. 

Unless you're a vegan, vegetarian, or clumsy on the keyboard, you've probably never entered the realm of pea protein, a great supplement but at a cost of not being particularly taste-bud friendly.

I recently bought a large pouch of pea protein isolate, world famous for being unpalatable and hard to mix. They were not wrong: it is hard to mix, but I've now found a fix that will enable me to glug a few of these down a day without feeling like a martyr for the macros.

The secret is in NOT trying to mask the earthiness with something sweet as this just highlights the disparity between the flavours. Work with it, don't compare it to a chocolate milkshake and it's a decent tasting juice.

Here's my magic recipe:

1 scoop Bulk Powders pea protein isolate
1/2 square inch of fresh ginger
1 large carrot
The juice of half a lemon
1 ripe banana (frozen)

Blitz the above in a blender for 1 minute and drink immediately.

More on why I'm choosing this as a supplement in another blog post.

The Lazy Girls Guide to New Year Weight Loss


Chocolates, wine, and avoiding the gym.  No, we’re not talking about the party season, but a new approach to getting in shape in the New Year.

The holidays are over. You’ve been taught how to cook a turkey by celebrity chefs, snatched the standard hangover cures from T.V. doctors, and now find yourself bombarded with the same old quick fix diet, fitness and detox plans as you attempt to transform yourself from late night cake eating disco diva to svelte pre-season beach babe.

Here, I offer you an alternative route to New Year health and fitness and it is EXACTLY what you want to be reading come January.


Forget January 1st.

With Champagne bubbles still in your system and an array of unhealthy snacks strategically positioned throughout the house, you may wish to reconsider your start date and opt for a few days later.  These extra few days won’t count for anything in the long run and will allow you to approach your resolutions on your own terms.


Go Warm Turkey

Stopping everything all at once, after a week or two of excess, is not always the key for long-term success.  Slowly getting through the last of the coffee flavoured chocolates may be the taper the new healthy you needs instead of jumping in at the deep end.


Enjoy  Booze.

A token few weeks of abstinence will do little in the long run for your well-being. Psychologically this may make you feel better after the Xmas and New Year’s shenanigans, but it won’t make or break your health.  If you plan on drinking sensibly as part of a well-balanced lifestyle in the long term, then limiting alcohol instead of cutting it out altogether may ease the pressure.


Avoid The Gym.

January is one of the busiest times for the fitness industry and equipment and classes are oversubscribed.  Get out and about, increasing your energy burn during everyday activities and head to the gym when the crowds have replaced it with Prosecco  and pizza.


Love Taking it Easy.  

Set realistic long-term targets rather than stringent short-term ones made in the heat of the moment as New Year dawns.  Valentine’s day is a good six weeks away and is more than enough time to make up for December’s sins.


Why Oh Why Oh Why?  

When starting a new fitness and health programme you need to consider exactly why you are doing it.  Self-reflection and profound thinking will motivate you to try harder and chase an actual dream instead of a 7lb mirror fix.


Let Old Habits Die...Slowly.

 There’sthe temptation to visit the health food shop and fill up your trolley in an attempt to go ‘all in’ on your quest to find a healthier you.  A far more sensible approach is to replace a few ‘bad’ items with healthier alternatives each week, gradually (and subtly) altering your patterns of thought and hard-wired tendency to head straight towards the ice cream after a stressful day.


Keep The Carbs.  

A small sized portion of carbohydrates with each meal will keep your energy levels up enabling you to deal with whatever the gloomy month of January throws at you.   You don’t want to be darting around the sales on an empty stomach or ‘hitting the wall’ after a just a few hundred metres on the treadmill now do you?


Don’t Diet At All.

If your weight is usually quite stable, opt for extra activity and keep things as they are in the kitchen.  Regular exercise will help create the caloric deficit required for weight loss and you can always make minor tweaks to your diet as you go along.


You’re Perfect Just As You Are.  

You may be obsessed with the ‘new year, new you’ mantra, but do you really need to change anything at all?  The chances are, after a month or so, any weight gain from Christmas will disappear as you revert back to your ‘normal’ eating and drinking patterns.  Just stay being you!

Five Reasons You Fail at Losing Weight

1. You do what you've always done.

It didn't work before, and it won't work this time, but you'll convince yourself you'll make a few changes and everything will be rosy. It's like you've accepted you'll fail before you've even started but will go through the motions. Change tactics.


2. You won't invest in help. 

You don't mind throwing hundreds of thousands at a house, tens of thousands on a car, and splashing hundreds in the shoe shop, but something as serious as your health gets put to the back of the queue. Why? Being fit and healthy plays a huge role in your overall happiness. Good personal trainers and weight loss coaches can change your life in a few months.


3. You're selectively unorganised.

I meet people time and time again who have immaculately ordered working lives but try and tell me they don't have time to make a stir-fry. They'll get out of bed for a 7 am meeting but not to kick ass in the gym? Treat your health like your job and you're half way there.


4. You won't count calories.

Eating foods you perceive as being healthy without understanding how they affect your weight is a sure-fire way to feel good about failing. The energy in versus energy out principle is not going anywhere fast so start looking at packets and understanding your nutritional needs.


5. You don't want it enough.

You think you do, but do you? When things get tough, do you dig in deep or fall at the first hurdle? If your desire to win is there,  it is easier to succeed than fail. If you can get in that mindset, there are no limitations to what you can achieve.