Corn Star


Gluten-free products often come at a premium price, but these delicious toasted flakes from Whole Earth buck the trend. A 375g bag sells for just 1.48 at some supermarkets, making them easily comparable to the leading brand.

They contain approximately half the sugar of regular corn flakes (4g vs. 8g per 100g), and more fibre (5g vs. 3g per 100g). 

So the numbers add up, but what about taste? If you're a cornflake fan, these won't disappoint. Crispy, crunchy flakes of corn, sweetened up with a nice splash of cold milk. I can't get too carried away over a corn-flake, but as they go they are damn good. 

This product contains just Four ingredients: organic corn, organic cane sugar, salt, and soya lecithin. There are no vitamins and minerals added to this product, but we should be sourcing our micronutrients from better places than processed breakfast cereals anyway.

Whole Earth also appears to have a good ethos, and the packaging is far easier on the eye than a giant green cartoon chicken. 

If you're sensitive to gluten, or just a hardcore corn-flake lover, give these a try.

Mum's Gone to Iceland, Sort Of

Yogurt can be a great vehicle for driving protein into the diet, especially at breakfast. The Skyr (pronounced skeer) range from Arla is relatively new to UK shelves and offers a great alternative to the fitness fanatics' high-protein yogurt of choice from Fage (pronounced fa-yeh).

So what is an Icelandic style yogurt? Well, it's a thick, creamy yoghurt, similar to Greek-style yoghurt. It's also made in Germany.

Fat-free, and bursting with 11g of protein per 100g, the Simply Natural version trumps the 10g of protein from Fage's (pronounced Fa-yeh's) zero-fat, Greek-style product, and it's marginally cheaper at around £1.79. It's remarkably creamy and, taste-wise, easily on a par with the Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) range.The honey option is subtly sweet, but enough to wake up your taste buds - and it still busts 9.4g of protein per 100g.

If you're making excuses for not being able to get enough protein in your diet, a 450g tub of Skyr (pronounced skeer) will get you on your way with 49.5g for just 294 calories. 

Until next time

Ronny (pronounced roh-nee)

Let's Get Nakd

Raw fruit and nut bars can be a great option for an energy boost or as a post-exercise refuel. Containing a mix of dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa, and natural flavour (I'd guess from an orange), the Nakd Cocoa Orange  Bar is also free from gluten, wheat and dairy. 

What's not to like? Well, they are quite high in sugar, as you'd expect from something containing fruit. Around 14g per 35g bar, in fact, which is about the same as three jelly babies - not something to give your dentist nightmares if you're not washing it down with a litre of Coke. And let's not forget you'll get one of your 'five a day' from these and no chemical or additives.

At around 79p per bar, they aren't bad value for money, but when buying for a family the cost can mount up. Speaking of families, these are a perfect snack for little ones, or big ones, when on the go.

There are quite a few flavours available, with my personal favourite being the ginger bread. Broken up into small chunks and thrown into a high-protein yogurt is my recommended serving suggestion. 

Throw one in your handbag or suit jacket pocket when in need of something sweet, or when energy levels are dropping.

Go Faster Stripe Granola


Granola is the middle class-friendly, pseudo-healthy breakfast item we can't get enough off. Packed with oats and honey, these crunchy clusters have been sweetening up mornings since the late 1800s, apparently.

Now, Nature Valley put a protein spin on their range with this Oats 'n Chocolate Protein Granola.

Let me start off by saying these taste so good, the rest is irrelevant. I'm looking at the back of the packet for research reasons, and can't stop myself from going back in and grabbing another handful. 

It says 'Protein' on it so it must be good for me, and I'm a personal trainer, so I know what I'm talking about right?

There's around 7g of protein per portion before you add the milk. Not exactly super-high (standard granola contains about 4-5g per serving), but every gram counts. 16g of sugar and 255 calories are the damage for a standard 45g serving with 125ml semi-skimmed milk. 

As a daily breakfast, it's not the healthiest choice due to the sugar content. But for a once per week treat or post-exercise refuel, cereal doesn't get much better.

I'd recommend throwing a handful in with a Greek-style yogurt, or  taking some with you, as a sugary treat, when you're out and about. Just don't take the bag with you, whatever you do - DON'T TAKE THE BAG!

Something Fishy


Fresh fish is great, but frozen fish has its advantages: It doesn't stink out your fridge, and it doesn't go off in a hurry. It's also inexpensive. For those looking to lose weight, a portion of fish is the way forward to keep protein levels topped up for not very many calories. Muscle builders can also benefit from the protein content and a change from chicken and whey shakes.

Young's Atlantic Cod portions provide 16g of protein per portion, with zero carbs and just 75 calories. It's probably worth having two of these at a time as they aren't exactly big. Nonetheless, a packet or two of these in the freezer is a smart move as a staple resource or back-up for times when you are uninspired. Just 25 minutes in the oven, or under 5 minutes in the microwave, means time is never an excuse. And at around £4 for a pack of four, healthy doesn't have to be expensive.

Per portion, Young's Pacific Pink Salmon offer a little more protein (17.5g) for a few extra calories (96). These are also quick to cook and responsibly sourced so you can sleep easy at night knowing the ocean is a safer place (apparently). They retail at the same price as the cod and are available in all the big supermarkets.

Both products do a job. I'd recommend adding a little oil and covering in foil to keep moist. I've not tried microwaving, but I'd imagine that won't do much for them. I'd say the salmon holds up better than the cod,  which can feel a tad rubbery if your timings are off.

You can't beat fish from the local fishmonger, but in the real world the convenience factor and longevity of these frozen sea creatures make it a crime not to have a few packs tucked away behind your Ben and Jerry's'.