Mum's Gone to Iceland, Sort Of

Yogurt can be a great vehicle for driving protein into the diet, especially at breakfast. The Skyr (pronounced skeer) range from Arla is relatively new to UK shelves and offers a great alternative to the fitness fanatics' high-protein yogurt of choice from Fage (pronounced fa-yeh).

So what is an Icelandic style yogurt? Well, it's a thick, creamy yoghurt, similar to Greek-style yoghurt. It's also made in Germany.

Fat-free, and bursting with 11g of protein per 100g, the Simply Natural version trumps the 10g of protein from Fage's (pronounced Fa-yeh's) zero-fat, Greek-style product, and it's marginally cheaper at around £1.79. It's remarkably creamy and, taste-wise, easily on a par with the Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) range.The honey option is subtly sweet, but enough to wake up your taste buds - and it still busts 9.4g of protein per 100g.

If you're making excuses for not being able to get enough protein in your diet, a 450g tub of Skyr (pronounced skeer) will get you on your way with 49.5g for just 294 calories. 

Until next time

Ronny (pronounced roh-nee)