Corn Star


Gluten-free products often come at a premium price, but these delicious toasted flakes from Whole Earth buck the trend. A 375g bag sells for just 1.48 at some supermarkets, making them easily comparable to the leading brand.

They contain approximately half the sugar of regular corn flakes (4g vs. 8g per 100g), and more fibre (5g vs. 3g per 100g). 

So the numbers add up, but what about taste? If you're a cornflake fan, these won't disappoint. Crispy, crunchy flakes of corn, sweetened up with a nice splash of cold milk. I can't get too carried away over a corn-flake, but as they go they are damn good. 

This product contains just Four ingredients: organic corn, organic cane sugar, salt, and soya lecithin. There are no vitamins and minerals added to this product, but we should be sourcing our micronutrients from better places than processed breakfast cereals anyway.

Whole Earth also appears to have a good ethos, and the packaging is far easier on the eye than a giant green cartoon chicken. 

If you're sensitive to gluten, or just a hardcore corn-flake lover, give these a try.