Go Faster Stripe Granola


Granola is the middle class-friendly, pseudo-healthy breakfast item we can't get enough off. Packed with oats and honey, these crunchy clusters have been sweetening up mornings since the late 1800s, apparently.

Now, Nature Valley put a protein spin on their range with this Oats 'n Chocolate Protein Granola.

Let me start off by saying these taste so good, the rest is irrelevant. I'm looking at the back of the packet for research reasons, and can't stop myself from going back in and grabbing another handful. 

It says 'Protein' on it so it must be good for me, and I'm a personal trainer, so I know what I'm talking about right?

There's around 7g of protein per portion before you add the milk. Not exactly super-high (standard granola contains about 4-5g per serving), but every gram counts. 16g of sugar and 255 calories are the damage for a standard 45g serving with 125ml semi-skimmed milk. 

As a daily breakfast, it's not the healthiest choice due to the sugar content. But for a once per week treat or post-exercise refuel, cereal doesn't get much better.

I'd recommend throwing a handful in with a Greek-style yogurt, or  taking some with you, as a sugary treat, when you're out and about. Just don't take the bag with you, whatever you do - DON'T TAKE THE BAG!