Something Fishy


Fresh fish is great, but frozen fish has its advantages: It doesn't stink out your fridge, and it doesn't go off in a hurry. It's also inexpensive. For those looking to lose weight, a portion of fish is the way forward to keep protein levels topped up for not very many calories. Muscle builders can also benefit from the protein content and a change from chicken and whey shakes.

Young's Atlantic Cod portions provide 16g of protein per portion, with zero carbs and just 75 calories. It's probably worth having two of these at a time as they aren't exactly big. Nonetheless, a packet or two of these in the freezer is a smart move as a staple resource or back-up for times when you are uninspired. Just 25 minutes in the oven, or under 5 minutes in the microwave, means time is never an excuse. And at around £4 for a pack of four, healthy doesn't have to be expensive.

Per portion, Young's Pacific Pink Salmon offer a little more protein (17.5g) for a few extra calories (96). These are also quick to cook and responsibly sourced so you can sleep easy at night knowing the ocean is a safer place (apparently). They retail at the same price as the cod and are available in all the big supermarkets.

Both products do a job. I'd recommend adding a little oil and covering in foil to keep moist. I've not tried microwaving, but I'd imagine that won't do much for them. I'd say the salmon holds up better than the cod,  which can feel a tad rubbery if your timings are off.

You can't beat fish from the local fishmonger, but in the real world the convenience factor and longevity of these frozen sea creatures make it a crime not to have a few packs tucked away behind your Ben and Jerry's'.