The 10 week programme that


guarantees an end to your weight loss woes

Fed up of jumping from one diet to the next?

Confused about the ‘right way’ to lose weight?

Sick of not feeling great about your body?

Unsure about the best exercises for weight loss?

Finally had enough of weight-related stress?

I’m Ronny Terry, Personal Trainer and fitness writer. I’ve been published over 50 times in the last 12 months including Men’s Fitness and PT Magazine, and I was Swindon Advertiser’s health and fitness columnist for 18 months. 

I created FULL STOP to help those struggling with their weight put an end to their troubles - in just 10 weeks!

You'll be body-confident, stress free and finally in control

And if you’re not lighter, fitter and healthier than ever I will refund you 100% of your investment.

This isn’t a quick-fix weight loss scheme. FULL STOP is about changing habits and turning your back on the old you.

I'll be there to support you every step of the way to a healthier and happier you

Learn how to eat for your goals

Understand how nutrition affects your weight, health and happiness

Change all of your bad nutritional habits

Know your way around the gym

Understand what exercises work for you

Be lighter, fitter, and happier for life.

start fresh and Draw a line under past mistakes

How can I make such an offer?


I am confident from my experience helping women and men lose weight that I can help anyone that commits themselves achieve real lasting results.


I use scientifically proven methods

I only work with those 100% committed

I limit my client numbers

I design individual programmes and deliver them personally

I created my own support package to ensure the very best results

What you'll receive

up to 3 personal training sessions and 2 personalised programmes per week

You get 6 months gym membership @ Kiss Gyms

My support package includes:

An email based weight loss and fitness series written by me to help you understand the basics

Daily access to me for 1-2-1 support via email, text or phone

A nutritional framework that fits around the foods you like

My client only blog featuring foods, tips and tricks

Recipes to get you started


This programme is not for everyone

You must be 100% committed

Willing to overhaul your lifestyle

Prepared to follow instructions

have 4 hours per week available for exercise

No excuses

Remember this is an investment in your health and happiness and not a quick fix fad diet.

This is not a one session per week package with a newly qualified PT.

This is not a boot camp

This is a comprehensive package delivered over 10 weeks by a highly qualified personal trainer and fitness writer 

No one else in the area offers this guarantee

If you’re ready to see the last of your old habits and dwindling energy levels, and ready to increase your confidence and feel younger

There are just 10 places available for January 2016

When everyone else is giving up, you’ll be going up the gears

Even if you think you're a 'lost cause' I can help you

Sign up with a friend for extra support and cut the cost



Change your life for as little as £750(based on 2 sharing contact time)

1-2-1:  £1350

Credit Cards welcome

Contact me NOW for a 2 minute interview: 07785 874231

This January 10 people will change their lives forever

Will you be one of them?


''Ronny didn't just help me lose weight. He piled on my confidence and showed me the only limit to your ambition is the boundary of your imagination. Sometimes you just have to be a little brave.'' 

Liz Mackley, Journalist

'' I had a bad relationship with food and needed someone to guide me through. I thought I hated exercise but it was a fear I built up for no apparent reason. I can't recommend Ronny highly enough''

Ivett Fulop, Supply Chain Manager

''I started training with Ronny around 9 months ago. He has given me immaculate advice on how and why to use the gym to achieve my personal goals and continually puts a huge amount of effort into helping me improve my strength, power and agility. I can honestly say that he’s helped convert a girl who was incredibly gym-shy into a strength training athlete within the period of a few months!''

Gayathri Eknath, Student

Ronny has been sorting out my body and (in part) my mind since I returned to Swindon last year. He's knowledgeable and passionate about helping others to make positive and realistic change in their lives.Gayathri Eknath, Student

Mark Powell, Artistic Director

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Ronny to anyone, including our customers at RUN Swindon. Since I started training with him I have consistently lost body fat. Ronny gave me a realistic nutrition plan that has been easy to follow. He is personable and communicates regularly to make sure I'm ok.

Tracy Dixon, Run Swindon

I've been training with Ronny for about 7 months now, and in that time my strength and overall fitness has increased massively. I trained on my own for about 5 months before this, but it wasn't until I started working with Ronny that I really noticed the difference

Harvey Grace, I.T Worker

Ronny is an excellent personal trainer and I would 100% recommend him. He took me under his wing about 9 months a go and bought my confidence up massively. 

Jenny Astin, Nationwide

To anyone thinking of getting a personal trainer - don't settle for anyone else. Ronny brings amazing knowledge, expertise and encouragement. I am so glad to have him in my corner!!

Beth Marshall, Patheon

Contact me Now to get started 07785 874231

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